?!?! (What?!)

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This bar was initially unnamed as I wasn’t sure how to reflect it’s nature. This bar is a 70% cacao, but the remaining 30% is all coconut. So, technically, it is a 70% bar, but unlike our traditional percentage naming. It was going to be another Darkest Dreams, but it doesn’t seem dark enough! The latest batch is the first blended cacao from Cocoaro. I blended Ecuadorian and Tanzanian beans; Ecuador for its nuttiness and Tanzania for its brightness to try to optimize the balance and creaminess that the coconut brings. Let this bar melt in your mouth and surprise you with its unsweetened rich creaminess.

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1 review for ?!?! (What?!)

  1. Melody

    the mouthfeel is a lot like eating a spoonful of peanut butter, so if you, like me, like eating straight peanut butter and also rich dark chocolate, this is a winner!

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