About Cocoaro Craft Chocolate

The Cocoaro Story

Cocoaro Craft Chocolate began in Wells, BC and was created by independent entrepreneur, Margaret Inoue. The small town and supportive local food and business community in the Cariboo helped to incubate and grow Cocoaro from an idea to a business. In 2018, Cocoaro moved to the lower mainland of BC as a result of family priorities. We have found a welcome food community and hope to grow the success of the chocolate and continue to educate people on fine craft chocolate.

The business grew out of Margaret’s passion for food, flavour, social justice and, well, chocolate. It was the intersection where she felt she could make a difference through the business she developed. She is continually learning and working on her craft. The business and bars also reflect her Japanese heritage, including the gifting aspect of the culture. She hopes you not only enjoy them, but you also share them, which is why we make the bars beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside.

Our Cacao Beans

At Cocoaro Craft Chocolate, we hand craft the chocolate from the bean, so we know that the most important ingredient in chocolate is the cacao beans.

Cacao is a fruit, so like other fruit, the flavour is affected by the variety and the place in which it grows (terroir). Also, like other fruit, it requires farmers to grow and harvest the crop. 

Cacao beans are also fermented and dried before they are transported, which is also a stage where the flavour can be affected.

Because we value our working folk across the world and because we want the best flavour possible, we work with our bean supplier who has direct relationships with the growers and producers at the source. We do pay more for our beans, but that means that cacao becomes a meaningful crop for the farmers and processors.